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Jolanda Bakker - van der Ploeg

Fly me to the moon

Theme’s such as as loneliness and fear with the opposite happy urge to adventure determine the art of Jolanda Bakker – van der Ploeg. Intuition, association and fantasy vary, she is a 'adventurer in her dreams'. She often plays a part in her work as a storyteller through a world of perception by various stages of history.

The way of painting is post-impressionism. She combines figures, nature and animals, who all play their own role in this adventure and fairy tale world. She creates the freedom to tell her own story. The symbolism of her messages create the images from the subconscious together with psychology, music, fantasy movies and mythology. She creates a world where the viewer gets no answer but a world you want to disappear into.

Mix Academy Amsterdam

Jolanda studied at the Mix Academy in Amsterdam during  4-years, from 2009 - 2013.

'The MIXacademy facilitates the discovery of the students ‘true self’ and guides the development of their own style through education. To be creative from within, not to enforce upon, but using what is already there and focusing on your strength. Everybody is unique in using their creativity.'

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